The Incredible Benefits of StarCycle

At StarCycle, we believe that fitness is not just a routine; it’s a transformation, both for your body and your mind. Step into our world, where high intensity meets low impact, and experience a workout that goes beyond physical exertion. Let’s explore the incredible benefits that make StarCycle more than just a ride—it’s a lifestyle.

1. Transform Your Body

Our high-intensity, low-impact workouts are designed to target every major muscle group. From challenging climbs to invigorating sprints, side-to-side movements to upper body engagement, each sequence is crafted to make you leaner, stronger, and more energized. In just 45 minutes, you’ll feel the transformative power of a workout that works your entire body.

2. Transform Your Mind

During your StarCycle session, it’s not just about the bike—it’s about you. Our studio room is intentionally technology-free, allowing you to unplug and focus on yourself. Studies show that disconnecting from devices enhances mental clarity and mood. And because we believe in making fitness fun, each class is a unique experience. No repetition, just the joy of showing up and challenging yourself in new ways.

3. Boost Your Metabolism

StarCycle isn’t just a workout; it’s a metabolism booster. We target your quads, glutes, and core, engaging larger muscle groups that not only burn calories during the class but continue to do so in the hours and days afterward. It’s a workout that keeps on giving, elevating your metabolism for sustained benefits.

4. Build Your Community

Riding with us means joining a community that goes beyond the bike. In our studio, you’ll find more than just a workout; you’ll discover a ready-made squad. Strong friendships are forged during the ride, and they extend into life outside the studio. At StarCycle, we’re not just supporters; we’re cheerleaders, standing by you through every step of your fitness journey.

In every moment, StarCycle is not just transforming bodies; it’s transforming lives. Step into the rhythm, feel the burn, and experience a fitness journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Join us at StarCycle, where the ride is not just a workout—it’s a transformative experience.

How StarCycle’s Inclusive Community Keeps You on Track

As the New Year unfolds, many of us embark on a journey of self-improvement and set ambitious goals. Whether it’s getting fit, improving mental health, or cultivating a healthier lifestyle, the key to success often lies in the support and encouragement of a community. Enter StarCycle—a fitness sanctuary that not only helps you break a sweat but also provides a unique, inclusive community that propels you toward your New Year’s resolutions.

1. A Community for Every Goal

At StarCycle, we celebrate diversity in goals because we understand that everyone’s journey is unique. Whether you’re aiming for weight loss, increased stamina, stress relief, or just a place to move and groove, our inclusive community welcomes and supports every goal. The power of collective energy turns individual aspirations into shared triumphs.

2. Encouragement in Every Ride

Embarking on a fitness journey can be challenging, but at StarCycle, every pedal stroke is a step closer to success. Our experienced instructors not only guide you through invigorating rides but also provide the motivation needed to push beyond your limits. It’s more than a workout; it’s a support system that encourages you to persevere.

3. Accountability that Inspires

Accountability is a cornerstone of success, and at StarCycle, you’re not on this journey alone. The supportive community, both in the studio and virtually, holds you accountable in the most uplifting way. Knowing that others are rooting for you creates a sense of responsibility that transforms intentions into actions.

4. Inclusive Spaces, Inclusive Success

Our studios are more than just places to exercise—they are safe, inclusive spaces where everyone is embraced for who they are. It’s not about fitting into a mold; it’s about finding a space where you belong. The diversity within our community fosters an environment where success is defined by personal growth, not societal standards.

StarCycle isn’t just about reaching your goals; it’s about enjoying the journey. Our classes are infused with joy, and the camaraderie within the community adds an element of fun to your fitness routine. When you’re having a good time, sticking to your resolutions becomes less of a challenge and more of a fulfilling adventure.

The Transformative Benefits of Cardio with StarCycle

In a world that’s constantly moving, where our schedules are packed, and the demands of life never seem to slow down, finding a workout that not only challenges our bodies but also nurtures our mental well-being is crucial. Enter StarCycle—a cardio experience that goes beyond the physical, reaching into the realms of mental health, heart health, muscle toning, and endurance. Let’s explore the incredible benefits that make cardio with StarCycle a game-changer for your overall health and fitness journey.

1. Elevating Mental Health

Cardiovascular exercise, like the invigorating rides at StarCycle, is a powerful mood booster. The rush of endorphins not only reduces stress but also helps combat anxiety and depression. As the music pumps, and you pedal to the rhythm, you’re not just working out your body; you’re uplifting your spirits and enhancing your mental resilience.

2. Strengthening Your Heart Health

The heart is at the core of our well-being, and cardio workouts are its best friend. StarCycle’s dynamic rides provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, promoting heart health by improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing overall cardiac function. It’s not just about breaking a sweat; it’s about nurturing the engine that keeps you going strong.

3. Sculpting Muscles and Toning Your Body

While cardio is often associated with burning calories, it’s equally potent for sculpting muscles and toning the body. StarCycle’s rhythmic routines engage various muscle groups, promoting lean muscle development and overall body toning. Say hello to strength and definition in all the right places!

4. Building Endurance for Life’s Challenges

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, and building endurance is key to conquering its challenges. StarCycle’s cardio workouts, with their varying intensities and durations, are a fantastic way to enhance your stamina. As you push your limits in the studio, you’re not just building physical endurance but also mental resilience that transcends into your daily life.

5. Fostering a Community of Support and Encouragement

Beyond the physical benefits, StarCycle is a community—a place where individuals come together to share the journey of fitness. The collective energy, encouragement, and support create an atmosphere that goes beyond a typical workout. It’s a space where everyone is invested in each other’s success, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation that keeps you coming back for more.

In the realm of cardio workouts, StarCycle stands out not just for its physical intensity but for its holistic approach to well-being. It’s a journey that transforms not only your body but also your mind and spirit. So, clip in, check out and let’s ride to a healthier, happier you.

Unveiling a New Era of Fitness: New StarCycle Formats!

At StarCycle, we’re not just about cycling; we’re about revolutionizing the way you experience fitness. Your journey with us is about to reach new heights as we proudly introduce our exciting, brand-new class formats. Get ready to pedal, sweat, and vibe like never before!

We’ve always been committed to providing an exhilarating and effective workout experience, and our all-new class formats are a testament to that commitment. Variety is the spice of life, and we’ve generously sprinkled that spice across our class schedule. Let’s dive into the thrilling world of StarCycle Formats!

1. StarHeat: Ignite Your Workout

Turn down the lights, and turn up the heat to a warm 80 degrees. StarHeat takes our class format to a new level by toning down speed and intensity slightly to accommodate the change in room temperature. Expect to leave this class feeling sweaty, inspired, and accomplished.

StarStrength: Empower Your Ride Staying true to our Star format while adding more resistance, longer arm sections, and deeper mind-to-body work. StarStrength tests your limits while making you feel empowered, motivated, and stronger with every pedal.

2. StarBasics: Back to the Fundamentals

StarBasics takes it back to the fundamentals with an in-depth breakdown of our ride. Set up your bike, break down choreography, form, resistance, musicality, and basic anatomy. End the class by applying all you’ve learned as you ride towards a stronger, more informed you.

3. StarXpress: Quick and Intense

For the client on the go! In just 30 minutes, StarXpress offers a high-intensity workout perfect for your busy schedule. Whether it’s during your lunch break or just before your workday starts, we’ve got you covered.

4. PowerHour: Elevate Your Challenge

Designed for riders craving even more! Power Hour classes provide an extra challenge for those wanting to push their limits, build muscle, and enhance endurance. It’s an hour of power, intensity, and growth.

5. Embrace Your Inner Rider

Our new class formats are all about embracing your inner rider, finding the perfect workout to match your mood, and challenging yourself in exciting ways. Whether you’re an experienced spinner or a total newbie, StarCycle has something special waiting for you.

Are you ready to revolutionize your fitness journey? Join us at StarCycle, where every ride is a step towards a stronger, happier, and more empowered you!

Unwrap Joy:The Ultimate 2023 StarCycle Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread festive cheer than with gifts that radiate health, happiness, and the spirit of StarCycle! Whether you’re shopping for the fitness enthusiast in your life or treating yourself, our StarCycle Gift Guide has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the irresistible offerings that are sure to make this holiday season extra special.

1. Convention Jogger Set: Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Ride

Step into the studio in style with our Convention Jogger Set. This chic and comfortable ensemble is designed to help you transition from your favorite cycling class to post-workout coffee or errands. With the motto “Be Extraordinary” on the back, this cozy set is inspiring and cute! 

2. Liquid Black Legging Set: Perfect for Your Active Lifestyle

Shine bright during your cycling sessions with our Liquid Legging Set. Crafted for comfort and performance, these leggings hug your curves and move with you, making every spin, jump, and tapback a breeze. Gift these to someone who appreciates the perfect blend of fashion and function.

3. StarCycle x Heroine Legging Set: Unleash Your Inner Hero

Empower your fitness journey with our collaboration legging set with Heroine. The bold design and high-performance fabric will make you feel like the superhero you are. Our favorite feature is the mesh cutouts on the sports bra! This set is a fantastic gift for those who want to conquer every workout with confidence and style.

4. Holiday Sweatshirt: Cozy Up in StarCycle Spirit

‘Tis the season to stay warm and represent StarCycle! Our Holiday Sweatshirt is made of extra cozy material and is perfect for pre and post-ride coziness. This sweatshirt is a must-have addition to your winter wardrobe.

5. Gift Card: The Gift of Choice

Can’t decide? Let them choose! Our StarCycle Gift Card is the ideal present for the fitness enthusiast who loves selecting their gear or trying out new classes. It’s the gift of choice, wrapped in StarCycle magic.

6. StarCycle Socks: Step into Comfort and Style

Complete your cycling look with our signature StarCycle socks! Featured in black with white embroidery, these socks are a great stocking stuffer or a delightful addition to any StarCycle gift.

7. StarDog Bowl: For Your Furry Workout Companion

Even your four-legged friend can join in the StarCycle spirit! Our StarDog Bowl is a thoughtful gift for those who love to bring their canine companions along for the ride, ensuring they stay hydrated in style.

8. Vooray Bag: Carry Your StarCycle Style Everywhere

Take your StarCycle style beyond the studio with our versatile Vooray Bag. Whether you’re heading to the gym, a weekend getaway, or a cycling adventure, this bag is the perfect companion. Our favorite feature? The shoe pocket!! Pop your cycling shoes in this pocket to keep them separate from the rest of your gear. 

9. Star Candle: Illuminate Your Space with StarCycle Magic

Create a cozy atmosphere with our Star Candle. The volcano fragrance and subtle design make it a delightful addition to any home, bringing the warmth and energy of StarCycle into your living space.

This holiday season, make every gift count with the StarCycle Gift Guide. Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one, these offerings are bound to spread joy, health, and the unmistakable spirit of StarCycle. Happy holidays and happy riding!

StarCycle Is About To Take Your Fitness Journey To A Whole New Level

StarCycle is about to take your fitness journey to a whole new level! We are thrilled to introduce our exciting, brand-new class formats that are set to revolutionize the way you experience indoor cycling. Get ready to pedal, sweat, and vibe like never before.

At StarCycle, we’ve always been committed to providing an exhilarating and effective workout experience. We’ve taken your feedback to heart, and our all-new class formats are a direct result of that. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and now, that spice has been generously sprinkled across our class schedule.

Let’s turn down the lights, and turn up the heat to a warm 80 degrees. StarHeat uses our class format in a different way by toning down our speed/intensity ever so slightly to accommodate the change in temperature of the room. You will leave this class feeling sweaty, inspired, and accomplished.

Staying true to our Star format while adding in more resistance, longer arm section, and deeper mind to body work. StarStrength will test your limits while making you feel empowered, motivated, and stronger.

StarBasics takes it back to basics with an in-depth breakdown of our ride. We will work with each rider to set them up with proper bike settings. Then hop on the bike and breakdown choreography, form, resistance, musicality, and basic anatomy. We end this class by riding and applying all we have learned.

StarXpress is for the client on the go. On your lunch break? Don’t have much time before vour work day starts? Need to pick up the kids in an hour? We’ve got you covered with our 30 minute high intensity Xpress classes.

This class is designed for our riders that leave class wanting even more! Power Hours are an extra challenge for those wanting to push their limits on the bike, and work on building even more muscle and endurance.

Our new class formats are all about embracing your inner rider, finding the perfect workout to match your mood, and challenging yourself in exciting ways. Whether you’re an experienced spinner or a total newbie, StarCycle has something for everyone.

Studio Spotlight: StarCycle Eugene

In this installment of the StarCycle Studio Spotlight series, we’ll be highlighting StarCycle’s Eugene, Oregon location and the studio owner that brought this Portland-based franchise to the southern side of the Willamette Valley.

Studio at a Glance
Who: Julie
What: StarCycle Eugene
When: December 2019
Where: 535 High St., Eugene, OR 97401

How It Started

Studio owner Julie opened the Eugene, Oregon StarCycle studio in December 2019.

Julie took her first indoor cycling class at StarCycle Lake Oswego in 2018. “I fell in love with it,” Julie said. “I absolutely loved the class format and the whole Star experience.”

Julie, the Owner of StarCycle Eugene 

Before franchising with StarCycle, Julie worked in medical sales and was a part-time physical fitness instructor.

Julie decided to franchise with StarCycle because she wanted to do what the StarCycle studios in the Portland metro area were doing instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Plus, because StarCycle was founded near Portland, many people were already familiar with StarCycle in Eugene.

When Julie opened StarCycle Eugene, she was nervous about the potential risks of starting an indoor cycling studio and wanted to set the bar high. But she was also excited to share the experience she had in Lake Oswego with the Eugene community and add a fun, new option to the fitness centers in the area. 

Julie’s advice to future StarCycle franchise and other business owners is that you may not need a business partner, even if you feel like you need one. But if you do form a partnership, make sure your business partner is someone you trust and are equally aligned with.

How It’s Going

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, so StarCycle Eugene has a particularly community-driven atmosphere. 

Still, StarCycle hasn’t been immune from the challenges facing businesses today, especially in the health and fitness industry. Julie and her team have been through a lot since the Eugene studio opened, especially due to the pandemic, which taught them how to “pivot and think outside the box.” Despite these challenges, StarCycle Eugene continues to thrive. 

When asked what her favorite thing about StarCycle is, Julie said, “Everything! It fuels my soul.”

Julie’s favorite song for indoor cycling workouts right now is the “Hold Me Closer” remix featuring Elton John and Britney Spears.

When she’s not at StarCycle Eugene, Julie enjoys hiking, running, playing golf, and generally spending time outdoors. 

Visit StarCycle Eugene

BOOK YOUR BIKE and take an indoor cycling class at StarCycle Eugene, located at 535 High St., Eugene, OR 97401.

What to Bring

  • Water bottle
  • Athletic clothing (Spandex leggings or shorts are ideal)
  • Socks
  • We have cycling shoes available to rent in-studio, but if you prefer to bring your own pair, make sure they are Look Delta-compatible!

Follow StarCycle Eugene

For updates about Julie’s journey and StarCycle Eugene, follow the studio on Instagram and Facebook

Studio Spotlight: StarCycle Vancouver

StarCycle is a family of boutique fitness centers, from the East coast to the West coast and in between. While the overall experience of riding at StarCycle is consistent from studio to studio, each of our studios has its own unique vibe.

In this post, we’re shining a spotlight on StarCycle’s Vancouver, Washington location. We’ll share more about this incredible studio and the women behind it below.

Studio at a Glance
Who: Erica and Eryn
What: StarCycle Vancouver
When: May 2015
Where: 3215 SE 192nd Ave., #100, Vancouver, WA 98683

How It Started

Studio owners Erica and Eryn opened the Vancouver, Washington StarCycle studio on May 20, 2015. 

Erica and Eryn took their first StarCycle rides in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and instantly fell in love. They loved the hype energy, dark room, and excitement pulsing through the studio and knew they wanted to return.

Erica and Eryn, the Owners of StarCycle Vancouver

Erica and Eryn are no strangers to the health and fitness world. Both women have backgrounds in the athletic apparel industry, and Eryn also taught barre classes before coming to StarCycle.

Eryn chose to franchise with StarCycle because she loved our innovative approach to physical fitness and wanted to share the sense of empowerment it gave her with others. Eryn was also excited to give back to their community by hosting charity rides. 

Erica added that she simply loves bringing a kickass workout to their community. Both Erica and Eryn agree that the thing they were the most excited about when opening a StarCycle studio of their own was cultivating a great vibe at their studio and a supportive indoor cycling community both on and off the bike. 

How It’s Going

Today, StarCycle Vancouver has a tenured team of incredible instructors that support their community and one another. 

Erica and Eryn report that they have become more self-confident since starting their journey as StarCycle studio owners, and that they enjoy passing that self-confidence on to their staff and riders. Their favorite thing about StarCycle is that it offers everybody and every body the opportunity to get support, grow, and have fun.

Erica and Eryn’s favorite cycling song right now is “Rage” by Hyper Crush.

When they’re not at the studio, Erica and Eryn love attending their kids’ sporting events, cooking, going to concerts, and traveling.

Visit StarCycle Vancouver

BOOK YOUR BIKE at StarCycle Vancouver today, then head over to 3215 SE 192nd Ave., #100, Vancouver, WA 98683.

What to Bring

  • Water bottle
  • Athletic clothing (Spandex leggings or shorts are ideal)
  • Socks
  • We have cycling shoes available to rent in-studio, but if you prefer to bring your own pair, they should be Look Delta-compatible!

Follow StarCycle Vancouver

To learn more about StarCycle Vancouver, follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

6 Things I’ve Learned From Indoor Cycling

Hi! I’m Abby, an indoor cycling instructor at StarCycle Lake Oswego.

Like many people, I have worked out on and off throughout my entire life. I did ballet, Pilates, kickboxing, weight lifting, running—I tried it all. Some workouts I enjoyed, others not so much.

The routine I landed on was three gym workouts and one yoga class per week, but I had always believed that I would never be that person. I would never “love” working out or feel the cult-like adoration for a particular type of exercise class that some of my friends had.
Enter StarCycle.

My First Real Foray Into Indoor Cycling

One day, I decided to change things up. I downloaded the ClassPass app and signed up for a few different fitness classes in Eugene, Oregon, where I lived at the time. One of those exercise studios was StarCycle Eugene.

To be perfectly honest, I was not super excited about it at first. I had tried other indoor cycling classes, and some of them were okay. But I had seen reality TV shows where people go to a crowded, bougie indoor cycling studio lit up with screens and a boot camp-style instructor yells at them. This was my basic nightmare, but I decided to try it anyway.

The first thing I noticed was that the lobby was sleek and bright and the staff was welcoming and friendly. When I entered the studio, it was dark and candlelit. There were no screens in sight. The instructor made an effort to learn my name.

Then, the music was loud and bumping. The message throughout the class was encouraging and inspiring. I found it to be just the right amount of challenging, and I left the studio dripping in sweat and optimism. I realized I could be that person after all, and I couldn’t wait to go back.

Two and a half years, a global pandemic, and 250 rides later, I became a StarCycle instructor at the StarCycle Lake Oswego studio.

From just after my first ride in February 2020 to post-instructor training in June 2022.

6 Things I’ve Learned from Riding at StarCycle

Here are six things my indoor cycling journey has taught me.

1. Don’t stop until you find your thing.

As I mentioned above, I had tried many different types of workouts before I made it to StarCycle, including other indoor cycling classes. But it took finding the right studio at the right time with the right instructors for me to find my fitness groove.

So if you’re not there yet, keep going. And if you know about StarCycle but haven’t quite hit your stride, here are a few tips:

  • First things first—if you haven’t clipped in for your first ride yet, book your bike now. Your first class is on us!
  • Change up your class schedule. I used to take evening and weekend classes exclusively, then I switched to early morning classes instead (hello, 6 a.m.). It took some time to find a routine that worked for me, but once I did I found I had more energy both on and off the bike.
  • Try riding with a new instructor. Even if you love the instructors you usually ride with, it’s always great to get variety in your rides. StarCycle encourages their instructors to be themselves and bring their unique personality traits to the table, so you’ll find something new and inspiring with each and every person you ride with.
  • Bring a first-time rider with you! Riding with someone you love and seeing them experience the magic of indoor cycling for the first time can be fun and encouraging for both of you. You can book a ride for yourself and your guest at the same time through the StarCycle website or app.

2. Trust the bike and trust yourself.

When I first started indoor cycling, I had a really hard time trusting the equipment and believing in my body’s abilities.

I felt like if I caught the beat with the instructor my feet would fly out of control. I imagined that if I came up and out of the saddle with my hands at position three I would become airborne, like that scene from E.T. I worried that if I closed my eyes during isolation I would lose my balance. I felt like if I fully rested my hips on the handlebars during stretching—well, you get the picture. Anxiety much?

Then one day, I heard an instructor say, “Trust the bike.” I didn’t realize until that point that my fears and difficulty keeping pace stemmed from a lack of trust—not only in the bike, but in myself.

So I trusted. I trusted myself to adjust my resistance knob as needed. I trusted my muscles to stabilize me. I trusted my ability to balance. And I trusted the bike to support me.

When I let go of my fears and assumptions, I was able to keep pace and push myself much further. I carried that lesson with me off the bike, and it gave me a greater sense of self-confidence as a result.

3. You can do hard sh*t.

This is one of my favorite messages I’ve heard from my StarFam. Short, strong, and to the point, it is one of my favorite in-class reminders, and it is something I remind myself of often even when I’m off the bike.

Now, instead of thinking, “This is hard, I need to change something or quit,” I tell myself, “This is hard, and I can do hard sh*t.” Then I keep it moving, and I like myself all the more for it.

4. It’s okay to cry (really).

It’s OKAY to cry, and it ISN’T just you.

When I was just a few rides in, I got very emotional mid-class and began to sob (I’m a crier, okay). At first, I used my towel to wipe away my tears and tried to hide my face. But then I realized that everyone else in the darkened studio was so focused on riding to the beat and following the choreography that no one even noticed that I was getting emotional. So I let it all out and just kept riding.

For a long time, I assumed that I was the only person who had this kind of experience on the bike. Then one day, I heard a StarCycle instructor tell a fellow rider that she called one part of the studio her “crying corner.”

The rider said, “Me too!”

Taken aback, I asked, “Wait, both of you have cried during class, too?”

They both nodded and the StarCycle member said, “Oh, multiple times.”

I explained that I had thought it was just me, and they shook their heads.

“No, girl—we’ve all been there,” the instructor said, and it’s true. We have all been there, maybe not in the middle of a workout class, but we have all. been. there. Somewhere. And it’s okay to go there at StarCycle if you need to. It’s okay to cry!

5. There are many ways to be “fit.”

Like many of us, I have struggled with negative self-talk and obsessed over body image.

When I started indoor cycling, I saw my body change, and not in all the ways I imagined it would. I felt toned, and I felt strong. For the first time in a long time, I began to feel happy with myself and my body. Not just because of the way I looked, but because of the way I felt: fit, content, and proud of all the miles I’d put in.

StarCycle is for everybody and every body—it doesn’t require anything of you other than that you show up. This means showing up physically and showing up for yourself. When you let go of judgments and expectations, you may be surprised to learn how much you can get out of your workout, even beyond the superficial.

6. Community means everything.  

During some of the hardest times I’ve had over the past two and a half years, going to StarCycle was the best part of my day. Visiting the studio allowed me to get out of my head, catch up with my favorite instructors, and connect with other riders in my community. It felt like home.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we all became acutely aware of the importance of community and how difficult it is to become disconnected from one another. I was grateful to be able to go for runs around my neighborhood and use the gym in my apartment complex, but nothing compared to synchronized push-ups or taking it out of the saddle in unison during a big beat drop. When the studio near me reopened, the relief in the room was palpable.

If I’m feeling stressed out or just need to see a friendly face, it’s a relief to know I can sign up for an indoor cycling class at StarCycle and walk out feeling better than when I walked in. Community is everything, and there is no replacement for it.

The Moral of My StarCycle Story

Since I began riding at StarCycle, I’ve learned a lot about indoor cycling, but I’ve learned even more about myself.

I’ve learned that not all of the assumptions I’ve made about myself are true. I’ve learned that I can—and do!—love fitness. And I’ve learned that I can have fun even when things get hard. I’m so grateful to StarCycle for teaching me these lessons and helping me find the power within myself to take on new challenges.

If you would like to make StarCycle part of your health and fitness journey, follow us on Instagram and find the studio closest to you.

Let’s ride!

The StarCycle 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Here it is, the most wonderful time of the year! Or so the song goes. For some of us, gift-giving is second nature. But for others, shopping during the holiday season can cause a lot of stress. 

No matter which camp you belong to, we’ve got you covered! We put together a list of ten gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list this year, including an item or two to treat yourself with (we won’t tell!).

StarCycle Holiday Beanie

Nothing says the holidays like a cozy, waffle-knit beanie. Our special-edition unisex beanie comes in a neutral ivory color that matches everything and folds over to reveal a leather embossed patch featuring our signature star emblem. Whether you are shopping for an outdoorsy adventurer or a classic homebody, this beanie is sure to make them smile.

Theragun Mini by Therabody

Instead of giving the athlete in your life a massage this year, give them daily ache and pain relief with the Theragun Mini. This portable device uses three levels of percussive rhythm to work out all those knots and tight spots that can be hard to stretch. Now in Black and Desert Rose, the Theragun Mini is sleek, lightweight, and rechargeable, plus it has Bluetooth capabilities so you can link it to the Therabody app! 

StarCycle Cycling Shoes 

Our indoor cycling shoes make the perfect gift for seasoned and new riders alike. Our StarCycle cycling shoes are available in three styles:

If you select the cleats option when you grab a pair, they will arrive with LOOK Delta cleats (compatible with all StarCycle bikes) already installed. Then all your loved one will have to do is clip in, check out, and ride!

StarCycle Candle 

Burn bright with one of StarCycle’s signature candles. Our candles are available in matte black and festive white, making them a versatile gift or stocking stuffer. And now you can choose between a fresh Volcano Blue or comforting Holiday Bliss scent, or you can snag one of each!

StarCycle Coffee Tumbler

We all know that person who finishes their morning beverage in one gulp or walks out of their house with a lid-less mug. Protect their hands (and car interiors!) by giving them a StarCycle Coffee Tumbler. This tumbler keeps liquids hot or cold for hours and fits most cupholders, making it an ideal vessel for your coffee and tea lovers who are always on the go.

Shine Bright Mug

Encourage your loved one to “Shine Bright” with this classic matte black mug. Perfect for coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, this mug is a great option for slow mornings this winter and beyond.

Life Elements Signature CBD Bath Bombs 

We love a good bath. Help your loved one reach peak relaxation with these CBD bath bombs. CBD can help your muscles recover, your mind relax, and give you goodnight’s sleep, while oatmeal, goat’s milk, and honey soothe and soften your skin. Bonus points for compostable packaging, which makes this a zero-waste product!

Lightning Bolt Jogger Set 

Nothing has become more popular this year than matching sets, and we have a super cute and edgy one in store. Our Lighting Bolt Jogger Set includes a matching zip-up hoodie and jogger-style sweatpants in black with white lighting bolts on the arms and legs. With a feminine cut and a rock and roll flare, this set is perfect for lounging around the house, running errands, or slipping over your workout clothes as you head to an indoor cycle class at StarCycle!

CB2 Sedona Small Zafu Pillow

Give the gift of mindfulness with this meditation pillow. This sturdy buckwheat hull-filled cushion provides the perfect support for seated meditation. Plus, it is wrapped in a neutral linen upholstery that will fit in perfectly with any home décor.

StarCycle Class Pack

Support someone’s fitness journey this year with a 4- or 8-class pack, or go bigger with one month of unlimited classes! This is the perfect gift for indoor cycling newbies as well as riders who have been to StarCycle before and just need a kickstart to get back on the bike in the new year. Reach out to your loved one’s local StarCycle studio for details.

To see all of our newest merch as soon as it hits the shelves, follow our StarCycle Brand Instagram account: @STARCYCLERIDE

Happy Holidays, 

The StarCycle Team