It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting colder, sweaters are getting warmer, and all of us are starting to think of the perfect gifts for our friends and family. To make things a little easier, the team here at StarCycle put together a list (and checked it twice!) of our holiday “must-haves.”

Not only did we put together a kickass gift guide, but we are going to be GIVING those dream gifts away to our #StarFam this year! (eeeeee, major excitement over here!) All December long, we are hosting giveaways on our StarCycle Brand Instagram account: @starcycleride. So, follow along and don’t forget to enter to win—we are giving away something almost every other day!!

1. BEAR Wellness products: Do you have a special someone who loves clean, beautiful wellness products? You should definitely check out BEAR. “All products contain activated, highly-therapeutic ingredients to deliver optimal bio-availability and to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed by the body.” We especially love their Nourish Essential Daily Superpowder, which “helps support a healthy digestive system, immune system, nervous system and promotes healthy, radiant skin.”

2. Parachute Bathrobe: OMG. If you haven’t tried Parachute products, you are missing out! We can’t think of a better gift than their Cloud Cotton Robe. “Soft, light and luxurious, this super comfy robe features fluffy 2-ply gauze, a snug waist tie and two hidden side pockets.” Now THAT’S something to lounge about.

3. Shimano Cycling Shoes: We hate to say we have favorites—but we totally do!! We love the RP2 style, because it’s sleek and comfortable. Pair these shoes with some Look Delta Cleats, and your loved one will be ready to rock the bike! Pop into any StarCycle studio and we can order a pair for you and get the cleats installed for you. #shoessss

4. Year Of Ours Apparel: Looking for a new and exciting athletic wear brand to gift this year? Check out Year Of Ours! They’re a female-led company based in LA, and their apparel is u-n-i-q-u-e as it is RAD. We’re talking lace up leggings, bold colors, and soft materials.

5. Nightingale Remedies: Are you a CBD fan and looking to spread the love? Look no further than Nightingale Remedies. Whether you prefer drops, creams, or patches, they have a wide variety of products all specializing in CBD pain relief.

6. Campo Beauty: If you’ve got an essential oil lover on your list this year, Campo Beauty has the perfect holiday gifts to make your shopping a breeze! Choose one of their sleek oil diffusers paired with an essential oil blend called “woods” for the perfect gift.

7. StarCycle Swag: Did you know every StarCycle studio carries a carefully selected collection of merchandise? That’s right! Stop in at any of our studios to choose just the right gift for your StarCycle enthusiast.

8. Greenleaf Juice: Everyone loves a good smoothie or breakfast bowl, so give a gift card to your pal’s favorite local juice shop! One of our personal faves (near StarCycle HQ in Portland) is called Greenleaf Juice, and they have an amazing menu to choose from!

9. Frozen Wellness: Another local Portland fave, Frozen Wellness Cryo House in Portland is the perfect gift to give your favorite athlete or fitness enthusiast. “Cryotherapy is a painless and easy application of extreme dry cold to the body to look and feel energetic, invigorated, youthful, and recovered. Frozen Wellness is a place that welcomes and cares for all people who enter.”

10. Golden Star Beauty: Keep your favorite friends (or yourself!) tan all winter long with Golden Star Beauty tanning products! Personally tested, these products smell amazing, are made of quality ingredients, and give you a good, rich tan. No orange tint ever! Our favorite of their line is self tan serum for face, which goes on clear and doesn’t clog pores.

11. GoldSheep: Last but not least is GoldSheep apparel. These are some of our fave leggings to wear when sweating, walking, shopping, driving… and just about everything else! Stick with a neutral color, or be bold with one of their fun and festive prints. We are especially vibing with their Tortoise leggings (and if you really want to deck out your loved one, they also have a matching sports bra and bomber jacket!!)

Needless to say, any of these gifts would get approval from us, and we maaaay have put a few of them on our personal Christmas Lists this year! Whether you’re shopping for your spouse, your friend, your sibling, or yourself, give one of these gifts this year for a guaranteed GOJ (gasp of joy.)

Don’t forget to check out our StarCycle Brand Insta account, and put those notificatons ON! because we’ll be giving away some of our dream gifts aaaall December long!

Happy Holidays,
The StarCycle Team