Pedaling Towards Mindful Fitness: The Story of StarCycle

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness, finding the perfect workout routine can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Each individual has unique preferences, goals, and comfort zones when it comes to exercise. For Dionne Del Carlo, co-founder of StarCycle, this sentiment resonated deeply as she embarked on her journey to create a revolutionary indoor cycling experience.
Dionne’s quest for the ideal workout regimen began with a realization: existing fitness options left much to be desired. Barre classes lacked the cardiovascular intensity she craved, while traditional indoor cycling sessions felt overly competitive and devoid of mindfulness. Determined to carve out a space that encapsulated inclusivity, empowerment, and tranquility, Dionne set out to craft something entirely new: StarCycle.
StarCycle wasn’t just about pedaling; it was about fostering a sense of community, empowerment,and mindfulness. At its core, StarCycle aimed to provide a sanctuary where individuals could shed their mental baggage and embrace the transformative power of movement. The vision was clear: a 45-minute cardio ride that seamlessly blended intensity with mindfulness, leaving participants feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and deeply connected to their bodies.
Central to StarCycle’s ethos was the integration of on-site childcare—an essential component that eliminated barriers to participation for busy parents. By offering a solution to the perennial challenge of balancing fitness with childcare responsibilities, StarCycle opened its doors to a broader demographic, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to prioritize their well-being.
Moreover, the workout itself was meticulously designed to deliver tangible results without sacrificing the joy of movement. Striking the perfect balance between challenge and accessibility, StarCycle’s classes became synonymous with empowerment, as participants pushed past their limits and discovered their inner strength with each pedal stroke.
But perhaps most importantly, StarCycle transcended the confines of a typical fitness studio by fostering a culture of inclusivity and acceptance. Whether you were a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to the world of indoor cycling, StarCycle welcomed you with open arms, celebrating individual progress and collective growth.
As the co-founder of StarCycle, Dionne Del Carlo dared to challenge the status quo of fitness, reimagining what it means to exercise mindfully and inclusively. Through her visionary leadership, StarCycle emerged as more than just a workout—it became a movement, inspiring countless individuals to embrace the transformative power of movement and cultivate a deeper connectio with themselves and others.
In a world inundated with fitness trends and fads, StarCycle stands as a beacon of authenticity, resilience, and empowerment—a testament to the enduring impact of one woman’s determination to create something truly extraordinary. So, the next time you clip into your bike at StarCycle,remember that you’re not just embarking on a workout; you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and limitless possibility. Welcome to the ride of your life.

Unleash Your Inner Power: How StarCycle Redefines Fitness and Empowerment

In the bustling world of fitness trends and workouts, there’s one experience that stands out above the rest: StarCycle. More than just a cycling class, StarCycle is a transformative journey that empowers riders to tap into their inner strength, pushing boundaries both on and off the bike. Let’s dive into what makes StarCycle so unique and why it’s capturing the hearts and souls of fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

1. The StarCycle Experience: More Than Just a Workout

From the moment you step into a StarCycle studio, you’re transported into a realm of empowerment and positivity. The atmosphere is electric, filled with the buzz of excitement and the promise of personal growth. But what sets StarCycle apart isn’t just the ambiance – it’s the community.
StarCycle isn’t just about sweating it out on the bike; it’s about coming together as a tribe, supporting one another through every pedal stroke and encouraging each other to reach new heights. In a world where connection is more important than ever, StarCycle fosters a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the studio walls.


2. The Power of Mind-Body Connection

At the heart of every StarCycle class lies the powerful connection between mind and body. Through immersive rides set to pulse-pounding beats, riders are encouraged to push past their limits and embrace the present moment. The rhythm of the music synchronizes with the cadence of the ride, creating a flow state that allows riders to tune out distractions and focus on the journey within.
But it’s not just about physical exertion – it’s about mindfulness and intention. StarCycle instructors guide riders through each class with words of encouragement and motivation, empowering them to dig deep and discover their true potential. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to fitness, every rider is welcomed with open arms and celebrated for their individual journey.

3. Taking the StarCycle Spirit Beyond the Bike

The impact of StarCycle extends far beyond the confines of the studio. Inspired by the sense of empowerment they find on the bike, riders carry that same energy into their daily lives. They approach challenges with renewed confidence, tackle obstacles with determination, and embrace each day with a sense of purpose.
But perhaps the most powerful aspect of the StarCycle experience is the ripple effect it creates within the community. As riders become ambassadors for positivity and self-love, they inspire others to join them on their journey towards health and happiness. It’s a cycle of empowerment that knows no bounds, preading like wildfire and igniting a passion for living life to the fullest.

4. Join the Movement: Unleash Your Inner Power with StarCycle

In a world filled with fitness fads and quick fixes, StarCycle stands out as a beacon of authenticity and empowerment. It’s not just a workout – it’s a revolution, challenging the status quo and redefining what it means to be strong, both physically and mentally.
So, if you’re ready to unleash your inner power and join a community that celebrates every step of the journey, look no further than StarCycle. Clip in, Check Out, and Let’s Ride – your best self is waiting.

Unlock Your Potential: A Lucrative Opportunity with StarCycle Franchise

At StarCycle, we’re not just about indoor cycling; we’re about creating a movement—one that fosters community, inclusivity, and empowerment. As a franchise owner with us, you’ll have the chance to cultivate a supportive environment in your local neighborhood, forging connections and providing a safe space for individuals to thrive both on and off the bike.

Why StarCycle?
Our success stems from our commitment to our three brand pillars: our workout, our community, and our inclusivity. It’s this winning combination that has propelled us to where we are today. By joining StarCycle as a studio owner, you’ll be part of a dynamic network dedicated to transforming lives through fitness.

Indoor Cycling, Elevated:
What sets us apart? Our comprehensive instructor training program, designed to set you up for success from day one. With an intensive 8-week process and a 3-day corporate training, our instructors emerge equipped with the skills and confidence to lead transformative classes. Led by our team of Master Trainers, our ongoing support ensures that every studio opens strong and stays ahead of the curve in the indoor cycling market.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?
If you’re passionate about making a positive impact, expanding your business portfolio, and becoming a leader in the thriving indoor cycling movement, then we want to hear from you. Whether you have marketing or operations experience, a background in health and wellness, or simply a drive to succeed, we’re looking for individuals ready to take control of their careers and lives.

Ready to take the next step?
With buildout costs ranging from $272-495k, financing options available, and the opportunity to shape your future, now is the time to seize this incredible franchise opportunity with StarCycle. Join us in revolutionizing the indoor cycling experience and empowering communities one ride at a time.

Spring Into Fitness: 5 Tips to Get Back to You

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, spring beckons us to shed the winter blues and embrace a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to reignite your passion for fitness and reconnect with yourself. Here are five tips to jumpstart your fitness routine and get back to you:

1. Start a New Routine
Embrace the energy of spring and kick off a new workout routine. Don’t let outdoor activities or busy schedules derail your fitness goals. Carve out time for yourself by scheduling your workouts in advance. Whether it’s an early morning sweat session or an evening class, committing to a consistent routine will help you stay on track and feel your best.

2. Carve Out Time for Self-Care
In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to neglect self-care. However, prioritizing “me time” is essential for your physical and mental well-being. At StarCycle, we provide a sanctuary where you can disconnect from the noise and focus on yourself for 45 energizing minutes. Invest in yourself, and watch your confidence soar.

3. Find a Workout Partner
Seek motivation and accountability by teaming up with a workout buddy. Whether you’re struggling to find the motivation to start or need a push to keep going, sweating it out with a friend can make all the difference. At StarCycle, we’re more than just a fitness studio—we’re a community of riders who support and inspire each other every step of the way.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements
Be kind to yourself on your fitness journey. It’s okay to miss a workout or have an off day—we’re all human. Instead of dwelling on setbacks, celebrate your progress and achievements, no matter how small. At StarCycle, we celebrate every milestone, big or small, because we know that every step forward is worth celebrating.

5. Join the StarFam Community
Experience the magic of StarCycle and join our vibrant community of riders. Our classes are more than just a workout; they’re a dance party on the bike where everyone is welcome.

This spring, let’s get back to you. Embrace the journey, celebrate your victories, and keep pushing forward. Together, we’ll ride towards a healthier, happier you.

How to Playlist Like an Indoor Cycling Instructor

How to Turn Your Car Into an Indoor Cycling Studio
How to Make Indoor Cycling a Part of Your Personality
How to Playlist Like an Indoor Cycling Instructor[Without Actually Becoming One]

We’re all guilty of carpool karaoke, and if you take any sort of indoor cycling classes, you’re probably also guilty of carpool choreography. Your instructors definitely do this in their car, at the bar, and it’s almost always their go-to dance move at the club. You know exactly what we’re talking about, the “one down, one out” pushups on the steering wheel as soon as that beat drops? The girls that get it, get it – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of when the person next to you at the stoplight starts staring. They probably just wish they were in your passenger seat dropping and pressing in sync with you. 

After riding a few times, you may have left class wondering what one of the songs the instructor used in their playlist, and how to find it. It’s a pretty safe bet that most of the wonky, crazy remixes are from SoundCloud, which is one of the top music-streaming services. They offer a monthly subscription, but coming from an instructor, you don’t need to pay the $5/mo – you just have to know how to use it. All you have to do is type in the name of your favorite song and follow it up with “remix.” For example, if you’re a Lady Gaga fan, try typing in “Fun Tonight Lady Gaga remix” and one of the songs that pops up will be this one by OTIOT. Maybe Gaga isn’t your jam, but you really like a good mashup? This “Temperature X Satisfaction” remix with Sean Paul and Benny Benassi is fire. Finding a new remix to a song gives all your old favorites a total refresh, so you too can create a hot playlist just like your instructors! The best part about SoundCloud is almost all of the best remixes are completely free to stream and download.

If SoundCloud isn’t your jam, don’t worry – Spotify and Apple Music can be just as good when it comes to making a flawless playlist that will have all your friends begging you to share it with them. They both cost $9.99/month and will give you access to not only hundreds of thousands of songs, but also podcasts, custom playlists, and radio as well. You can find playlists that have already been made for indoor cycling classes by searching popular keywords, such as “indoor cycling,” “cycling music,” or “spinning workout.” For more recently released songs, include the year 2022 in your search. The first playlist that pops up on Spotify is this 7.5 hour playlist, so you should be able to find at least one song you like! Apple Music is a good source too; here’s a similar playlist to the Spotify one. One of the perks of having Apple Music is you can download SoundCloud songs straight to Apple Music using an online converter, whereas to download them on to Spotify you have to use a 3rd party service. To use the website tool to convert SoundCloud songs to MP3’s and play them through Apple Music, you have to copy and paste the SoundCloud song link into another site such as, download the MP3, and then it should automatically pop-up and start playing in your Apple Music Library. If you’re a visual learner, here’s a YouTube video that explains how to download your music. YouTube is a great source for finding remixes that sometimes aren’t even on SoundCloud. For example, one of my favorite climb songs EVER is this ‘Milkshake X Losing It’ mashup. If you’re into Tik Tok remixes, or just enjoy the funny clips of Julia Fox interviews, this is one of the best remixes for her iconic “unkuh jahmzz” scene on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast with Alexandra Cooper. You can literally find a club remix to almost anything you see on the internet, even scenes from everyone’s favorite childhood tv show, SpongeBob SquarePants. Remember in the Krusty Krab Pizza episode, when the fish is demanding his Diet Dr. Kelp? Yeah, there’s even a trap remix to that too. You’re welcome. 

After you’ve curated your perfect driving playlist, the second most important piece is the ambience of the space. A lot of indoor cycling studios utilize bright LED strip lights to drive your motivation and set the vibe even further, and you can get that same effect in your car for less than $20 on Amazon with this link. These customizable strip lights have several colors, effects, and can even be set to be sensitive to the music you play, so when that beat drops the lights will change accordingly, just like in your cycling classes! Setup is a lot easier than it looks and there are multiple how-to videos so you know exactly what goes where. There is also an app for these lights so that you can control them from your phone when you’re not driving. Don’t get too carried away with all of these while you’re driving, always stay safe on the road! 

You’ve got music, lights, and all you have to do is grab your cycling buddy and hit the road. Just like the feeling when everyone in the front row hits the drop in sync, you can just as easily recreate that feeling with your bestie in the front seat. What better way to get hyped for class than to pretend like you’re already in there? With the right playlist and fun lights, you can easily pretend like your car is your favorite indoor cycling studio. We recommend doing this especially when you’re on your way to take class. Whether Apple Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud is your jam, you’ll for sure be able to compile the perfect playlist with our advice, the addition of the lights in your car is just an added bonus. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to take your playlist curation skills to the next level and become an instructor at your indoor cycling studio! 

Working Out As A Mom

Staying active has always been important for both my physical and mental health. Growing up and through my formative years, I played soccer year-round and loved the intense cardio and competitive aspects of the game. In high school and college I also performed in musical theatre and stage productions.  Combining physicality with music felt natural and was just downright enjoyable. So, when I went to my first StarCycle spin class and felt the energy in the room, I knew this was the right place for me.  

I went through StarCycle spin instructor training the same time I found out I was pregnant.  Though it was a bit daunting to go through training during my first trimester, I believe the work I put into preparing to be an instructor helped my overall psychical and mental well-being. The excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and physical stresses that I was enduring as a first-time mother-to-be at times felt overwhelming. So, having a place where I could decompress and focus my energy into something that didn’t revolve around work or home life was like therapy.  Moreover, being pregnant during the pandemic would at times feel isolating, so being a part of the Star Cycle community, whether it be instructing or taking a class, helped me to feel more connected.

I taught spin until I was 37 weeks pregnant. I felt strong mentally and physically, and I believe it helped me recover from the birth of my son more smoothly. I had a c-section, and it was a painful recovery. But knowing that I had an outlet to go back to as soon as my body was capable helped me push through.  I pushed myself to get back on the bike slowly and by week 5 post-surgery, I was back to conditioning and preparing myself to teach again. 

I dealt with postpartum depression, and I can honestly say that clipping into the bike was the therapy that helped me push through mentally. As a new Mom, it is incredibly difficult and the sleep deprivation was mind bending. There were times I felt broken down. I had a new routine that wasn’t my own. I felt like my life wasn’t my own anymore: my mind, body, energy, everything.   Everything that I had was being poured into this little being that I had given birth to. It was miraculous, overwhelming, and chaotic. I didn’t know when or if these feelings would ever go away or if this was the “new normal.”  

Having the StarCycle community motivated me to push through. Just like a spin class when you hit a wall and your legs feel like they can’t pedal anymore, you push through. So as a new mom, I continued to put in the work and knew that if I worked hard at giving my little baby what he needed to grow and thrive, then that connection and bond with him would also grow and thrive. And now my little one is 17 months, and I couldn’t imagine a life without him.   

StarCycle is a place that motivates me to be the best version of myself. Having an outlet for yourself, especially being a new mom, is incredibly important. And the entire process of being an instructor: searching for and listening to new music, creating playlists for class, spinning to make my body stronger, and encouraging everyone in the class to push themselves for 45 minutes in a dark room with music blasting, is the most powerful outlet. This outlet helps me stay strong for my family. 

The desire to inspire and push others to achieve goals is so rewarding. I believe that making exercise a lifestyle has given me the freedom to share this passion with others. The example is such: no matter what you set your mind to do, no goal is unattainable.

Why I Chose to Franchise with StarCycle

I chose to franchise with StarCycle, even though, to tell you the truth, I could have gone out and opened an indoor cycling studio on my own. Did I want to do that? No. Here’s why…

My story with StarCycle is one with history; you can read more about my journey from client to StarCycle’s corporate director of training here in a previous post. To tell the long story in just a sentence or two, I began riding at StarCycle as a client when I was 16 years old and completely fell in love with the class, the instructors, and the fellow clients. I knew StarCycle needed to have a larger role in my life, so throughout the years to come I worked in childcare, front desk, as an instructor, trainer, and lastly the director of training. 

All of a sudden the stars magically aligned for my life long dream to open a StarCycle franchise to come true. It dawned on me for a moment that I could just open an indoor cycling studio on my own, but honestly the moment was fleeting. Even though I have about an 8 year history with StarCycle, there are a handful of reasons that stood out to me as a no-brainer to franchise StarCycle and how it would not only make my life easier, but make my business more successful.

First is technology. There are so many technological aspects of opening a business that a franchise takes care of for you. StarCycle already has an operating website with a developer who quickly added my location page to the website. I didn’t have to create a privacy policy, figure out SEO, pay for website hosting, etc. I didn’t have to find a booking software to use, or set up an email marketing service. I can’t even imagine how much extra time and money this would have taken me. Instead, I am able to be out in my local community making connections for my StarCycle location. 

Second is the brand. Every business has to create a well-thought out brand including, fonts, colors, logos, merchandise and more. Not only did I buy-in to a pre-established brand, but it’s a brand I can fully stand behind and absolutely love. StarCycle is all-inclusive, fun, and encouraging. Our mission statement is to, “deliver a kickass experience that inspires every rider to be their best self.” 

Next is the buildout. When you franchise with StarCycle you hardly have to make any decisions on the studio buildout, which is SO nice. Again, instead of picking bathroom tiles, you can be spreading the word about your new business. 

While there are endless reasons why franchising makes the most sense, the last and best reason is the support. StarCycle has a team of amazing people who I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside with to help support you every step of the way. Whether you’re opening a business with a franchise or on your own, it’s a big deal and takes a lot of hard work. Having a support system to cheer you on and help strategize is priceless. 

My Star Story – From Client to Director of Training

Take a look at this video I made for a project my senior year of college.

I stumbled upon StarCycle over 6 years ago, when a girl I danced with told me about this cool new spin studio that just opened in town. I so vividly remember walking in for my first class and wondering, “Do I need shoes? No, I have shoes on.” Ha! Little did I know I was about to clip in and fall in love with the ride. 

Instantly, I idolized every instructor. Sure I had my favorites, but they were all spin queen’s in my eyes. Coming from a strong dance background, I was drawn to the loud music, riding to the beat and the choreography. I knew I would find a way to make it up to the podium myself someday. 

Not long after, I left for college. I missed a lot of things that first year–my dog, my family, my town… but what I actually missed the most was StarCycle. After deciding to transfer colleges for many reasons, I scored a job working childcare/front desk so I could start to learn the ropes and hopefully get in on the next instructor auditions. A few months later, I began my training and was over the moon ecstatic. 

About two years into instructing, I developed an interest in training the upcoming instructors. I joined the training team as a Master Trainer, and always thought how cool it would be to make that my full-time gig. Literally, it was the dream job. I graduated college with a B.S. in Organizational Communication, and eagerly went into Corporate America two weeks after graduation. I was happy, but still thinking of that dream job…

You guessed it. This summer I joined the StarCycle full-time as their Director of Training and Franchise Relationships. To be in my mid twenties and be able to say I’m living my dream job is something I never take for granted. No, the dream job isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding as ever. 

Has the dream stopped? Nope. One day I hope to have my own StarCycle Franchise studio. Till’ then, StarFam.




When Danielle Massari first walked into the StarCycle studio in Lake Oswego 3+ years ago, she had no idea at that time what was written in the stars for her. A mom of two, balancing a career and a busy family, she came to StarCycle seeking a place to push her limits physically, and gain clarity mentally. She found both but also discovered a community that would strengthen her from the inside out. The easiest way to describe how she felt about StarCycle, was that it was addictive. “I had no idea what I was in for when I stepped foot into StarCycle. I wanted a great workout and to connect with people in my community. What I found was much greater.”

After taking classes consistently (shout out to her regular 9am squad!), Danielle took the plunge into becoming a StarCycle instructor. She went through instructor training in fall of 2017, and has been a regular face on the schedule teaching at both the Cedar Mill and Lake Oswego studios. “Being an instructor is the greatest gift I could have given myself. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to step up on that podium and help people dig deep and find their strongest selves.”

Danielle couldn’t believe how much she fell in love with teaching and how she wished she could share this community she loved so much with even more people. Inspired by the StarCycle studio owners in Happy Valley who she’d seen take their love of StarCycle to their local community, Danielle decided to come on-board as a StarCycle studio owner. Danielle couldn’t be more thrilled to bring StarCycle to the Williams neighborhood of Portland, where her studio will be opening on the corner of N Williams and NE Mason! “Portland is such an amazing place to be. Vibrant, exciting, diverse. I have spent so much time on N Williams and really just fell in love with the atmosphere. When it came time to decide where I wanted to focus my energy, I really felt a calling to the heart of N Williams. I am excited to bring a whole new community of riders to StarCycle.”

To keep tabs on Danielle and her studio opening, make sure to follow the StarCycle Portland Facebook page. You’ll also be able to catch Danielle teaching at StarCycle Lake Oswego and Cedar Mill all summer long. When she isn’t teaching, she and her family will be at Tasty n Sons having brunch most weekends or sneaking down the road to St. Cupcake. “The community of N Williams brings so much to the Portland area. So many entrepreneurs like myself investing their time in building a great community.”

To learn more about opening a StarCycle studio in your local community, join our upcoming StarCycle Ownership Info Session on Tuesday, July 25th 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Register here!


Celeste King is a badass mama of three girls, and she has been riding at our Felida studio since they opened last year! After a life of marathon running, she needed something different that would still challenge her during her pregnancy, and StarCycle was just what she needed. Continue reading to learn how Celeste not only gets a good workout from StarCycle, but it has helped shape her lifestyle.

Name: Celeste King

Home Studio: Felida, Vancouver WA

How long have you been riding?
I became a founding member when the Felida studio opened in October of 2018 and have been riding like a boss ever since.

What do you love the most about Starcycle?
Spin is not an individual sport. We are all there motivating and complimenting and socializing ~ it’s a community. I love the cardio workout and the music and the dimmed lights! Where else can you go to the club at 6 am for a dance party with all your friends 🙂

What is your favorite section of class?
I love love love around the world push ups!!!! I love looking up in the mirror and seeing all the strong, powerful, glistening humans all moving in sync with such concentration and motivation. I just feel this overpowering feeling of unity and teamwork. Spin is not an individual sport. We are all there motivating and complimenting and socializing ~ it’s a community.

I started going to Starcycle when I was 8 months pregnant with my twins. I have been an avid runner for years, I ran endurance trails, marathons, overnight relay races but when I got pregnant with the twins certain issues arose and the little girls weren’t snuggled in tight enough for mama to continue running so my running was put on hold. Craving that cardio workout still, I heard word of Starcycle Felida opening soon and I was on board…. I couldn’t wait for them to open. I had done spin at other facilities and I knew I liked the workout but I had no idea what I was in store for. I went to the first class during their free ride opening week and I signed up immediately for the founding membership. How else can you be 8 months pregnant with twins and get a cardio workout and a serotonin rush??!! I even did the 6 am ride on the morning that they were born, just a quick detour on the way to the hospital. I ride allot, as much as I can fit into my schedule. I love it, and in fact now the twins are 14 months old and I am free to resume my running and I am still getting my cardio fix at Starcycle and I don’t see that changing.

What outside your life has changed:
My family has become part of the Starcycle community. On weekends, I bring all three of my girls (three, 3 and under) with me to spend time in the child care. They love it!! My daughters have made relationships with the staff as well as the other kids there. This is incredible to me. They are seeing all these strong, powerful and healthy people making this part of their life and this is what they see and will be a part of when they are older. I actually give my 3 year old the option of coming with me or staying home and she ALWAYS picks Starcycle… That’s my girl!

celeste 2