In recent years, indoor cycling classes have become more popular than ever. There are indoor cycling studios popping up all over the country, offering courses for both beginners and advanced cyclists to cater to different expertise and fitness levels.

We all know that cycling brings a host of health benefits, including boosting your cardio health. Guidelines by the American College of Sports Medicine recommend 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise five days a week and this inspires many to hop on a bike because it can give them an intense workout in no time at all. But in addition to boosting your cardio health, there are plenty of unexpected benefits of cycling. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

It sharpens your focus
Ever have those days where you feel like you’re just moving around in a fog? If so, take a class! Cycling for fitness, like most physical activities, can easily sharpen your focus because it helps deliver more oxygen to the brain. When oxygen enters the brain, more brain cells form, which causes the brain to work more efficiently – you’ll experience a sharper memory, better problem-solving skills, higher concentration levels, and it’ll be easier to go about your day to day activities. The best part is that all of this can come with a simple 30-minute session.

It boosts your complexion
Any cardio workout, especially indoor cycling, can be beneficial as it can enhance your complexion to look younger. After you workout, you most likely will notice a flushed face, and that is a good thing. This means blood is pumping to your skin, which enhances collagen production and can prevent wrinkles from forming and can give you clear, radiant skin.

Strengthens your core
During your class your instructor will drive home the importance of good posture not just to make you comfortable during the class, but to strengthen your core. To ride efficiently, you’ll want a fully engaged core. After taking just a couple classes, you’ll notice your abs and obliques become more defined and stronger.

There are plenty of benefits of cycling, and some we didn’t even list here! If you’d like to learn more and experience these advantages for yourself, come on down and try out a class with us. Your body will thank you!