StarCycle Is About To Take Your Fitness Journey To A Whole New Level

StarCycle is about to take your fitness journey to a whole new level! We are thrilled to introduce our exciting, brand-new class formats that are set to revolutionize the way you experience indoor cycling. Get ready to pedal, sweat, and vibe like never before.

At StarCycle, we’ve always been committed to providing an exhilarating and effective workout experience. We’ve taken your feedback to heart, and our all-new class formats are a direct result of that. We believe that variety is the spice of life, and now, that spice has been generously sprinkled across our class schedule.

Let’s turn down the lights, and turn up the heat to a warm 80 degrees. StarHeat uses our class format in a different way by toning down our speed/intensity ever so slightly to accommodate the change in temperature of the room. You will leave this class feeling sweaty, inspired, and accomplished.

Staying true to our Star format while adding in more resistance, longer arm section, and deeper mind to body work. StarStrength will test your limits while making you feel empowered, motivated, and stronger.

StarBasics takes it back to basics with an in-depth breakdown of our ride. We will work with each rider to set them up with proper bike settings. Then hop on the bike and breakdown choreography, form, resistance, musicality, and basic anatomy. We end this class by riding and applying all we have learned.

StarXpress is for the client on the go. On your lunch break? Don’t have much time before vour work day starts? Need to pick up the kids in an hour? We’ve got you covered with our 30 minute high intensity Xpress classes.

This class is designed for our riders that leave class wanting even more! Power Hours are an extra challenge for those wanting to push their limits on the bike, and work on building even more muscle and endurance.

Our new class formats are all about embracing your inner rider, finding the perfect workout to match your mood, and challenging yourself in exciting ways. Whether you’re an experienced spinner or a total newbie, StarCycle has something for everyone.