New Studio Announcement: StarCycle Chesapeake Opens November 2022! 

Calling all Virginia indoor cycling fans—we have an exciting announcement to make. 

StarCycle is opening its newest indoor cycling studio in Chesapeake, Virginia on Thursday November 3! 

Keep reading to learn about StarCycle Chesapeake’s Grand Opening Celebration, discounted classes, discounted memberships, and the studio owner herself. 

Grand Opening Celebration

StarCycle Chesapeake will be hosting its Grand Opening Celebration Thursday November 3 – Sunday November 6, 2022.

StarCycle Chesapeake is offering $5 Grand Opening Rides during its Grand Opening Celebration. BOOK YOUR BIKE now and come see the new studio for yourself! Here is everything you need to know.

When to book and when to arrive: 

We strongly recommend booking your bike in advance and arriving 15 minutes before class begins to get set up, especially if this is your first class with us. The hardest part is showing up—after that, we’ve got you covered! 

Where you can find us: 

StarCycle’s Chesapeake studio is located at 520 Belaire Ave., Chesapeake, VA  

23320, just off Volvo Parkway.

What to Bring: 

  • Water bottle
  • Athletic clothing (Spandex leggings or shorts are ideal)
  • Socks
  • We have shoes available to rent in-studio but if you prefer to use your own, they should be Look Delta compatible shoes!

Special Offer: Discounted Memberships

For a limited time only, StarCycle’s Chesapeake indoor cycling studio will be offering their founding memberships at a discounted rate. Sign up soon to take advantage of this exclusive offer and start your StarCycle journey. 

Meet Lea, the Owner of StarCycle Chesapeake 

Lea Barlett lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia with her husband Tony. She has been teaching health and fitness classes since 2012 and has earned certifications in HIIT, Pilates, Circuit Training, Aqua, PT, and of course, indoor cycling. 

Lea first fell in love with indoor cycling because it was a full-body, low-impact workout. Then she fell in love all over again when she visited StarCycle’s indoor cycling studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon in 2021. Lea loved the workout she got at StarCycle, but even more captivating was the feeling she got from being a part of something bigger. To Lea, StarCycle was not like other fitness centers she had been to—it was a lifestyle. 

Lea decided it was time to introduce the East Coast to this West Coast company and invite her home state of Virginia to clip in, check out, and ride!

Onsite Childcare 

In addition to beat-driven, 45-minute indoor cycling classes, StarCycle Chesapeake will be offering craft-based childcare with skilled caretakers at select times. That way, your little one can stay safe and entertained while you enjoy a sweaty, tech-free workout. 

Check out StarCycle Chesapeake’s class schedule for available StarKids Lounge spots! 

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