StarCycle FAQ

Please take advantage of our FAQ to answer your questions regarding all things StarCycle. We recently added a COVID-19 Section to answer questions in this unprecedented time.

If you still have questions please reach out to the following:

Covid-19 / Starcycle Online FAQ

  • Why isn’t the StarCycle Online Classes link working?

    You must have a gmail email address to access the site. Once you send us an email from your gmail address (this is critical) you will receive an email with the link to StarCycle Online Classes.

  • What if I don’t have a bike at home?

    No problem! We have lots of amazing off the bike workouts that are just as energetic and high intensity. Think mat classes, dance classes, HIIT, etc.

  • How do I get access to the online workouts?

    First, you need to be a member of one of our studios OR have recently purchased a 10 class package. Then all we need is a gmail address and we will get you logged in! Send your gmail address to

  • What is the plan for active memberships while the studios are closed?

    We are so humbled by your support through this unprecedented time. For those of you maintaining your memberships, you will receive access to all online workouts.

  • Do you have bikes to rent?

    Unfortunately we no longer have bikes available for rent.

  • Are you keeping the portal/live workouts after the COVID shutdown is over?

    Great question! We love hearing your suggestions and will keep them in mind as our company continues to grow and evolve.

General StarCycle FAQ

  • What is StarCycle?

    We are a network of indoor cycling studios that offer 45-minute, beat driven, full-body cardio classes for everybody and every body. We believe a positive, supportive environment makes working out more sustainable and fun!

  • I’m new – What’s next?

    Find a studio near you on our Locations page found in global navigation. We highly recommend signing up for a class through our site in advance. Please show up 15 minutes before class so we can walk you through the space, get you fitted correctly on your bike and really set up for an epic first ride. Feel free to reach out to your local studio directly if you want to discuss more details about initially signing up or your first StarCycle experience. And really thats the hardest part — just showing up!

  • When should I arrive for class?

    For your first class, please come 15-20 minutes early. We will fit you with shoes and properly set you up on the bike. For seasoned riders, please allow 10 minutes before to get yourself set up correctly.

  • What should I bring and wear to class?

    It’s best to wear athletic closthing, i.e., spandex leggings or shorts in fabrics that breathe easily—because you are going to sweat!
    Please bring socks, a water bottle and Look Delta compatible bike shoes.
    All studios also rent shoes, and sell socks and water bottles if you forget.

  • What amenities does each studio have?

    Each studio’s amenities are slightly different and are listed on each studio page approximately halfway down the page, right under the instructor photos.

  • Can I take class if I’m pregnant?

    Absolutely, we have many pregnant clients that have ridden throughout their entire pregnancy, modifing when needed. But please check-in and discuss with your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions or worries and always listen to your body.

  • Can I come to class without a reservation?

    Yes but we highly recommend signing up ahead of time as classes do fill up.

  • Do I need to be in great shape to come to class?

    NO! Come as you are. In the candlelit room, we encourage everyone to go at their own pace. This is a safe place for all body types and fitness levels.

  • When can I drop off my kids at StarKids childcare?

    We recommend giving yourself and your kiddos a little extra time to make sure they are settled before you head into the studio to set your bike up. You know your kids best, but we recommend coming 15 minutes early as a benchmark of time to make sure everyone is set up for success.

  • When do you offer Childcare? Or StarKids? Is there a difference?

    Each studio has a StarKids Play Lounge where we watch children on site while their parents workout. Please check your studio for times and availablity for childcare options, as they do fill up and are only offered at certain times through out the week.

  • How much does a class or membership cost?

    Pricing is slightly different at each studio, please check your local studio for pricing options. You can see all offerings by clicking the “Buy Classes” large purple button underneath the schedule on the individual studio landing pages.

  • Do memberships auto-renew?

    Yes, every month.

  • Why do I need to save a credit card on file for a membership?

    All memberships are paid monthly and automatically charged to your credit card on file.

  • Can I freeze my monthly membership?

    Yes, members can freeze their accounts for a minimum of 30 days. All requests must be made in writing. Please contact your studio location directly to make this request.

  • Can I use my membership at all StarCycle studios?

    Not at this time, but talk to your studio manager, we are always happy to sign you up for a class at another studio.

  • What does “beat driven workout” mean?

    It means we ride the beat. We sync up our movement to flow with the beat of a song, be it slow or fast, depending on the objective of that song: slow and heavy, or fast and lighter. It makes for a dance party on the bike—lots of fun!

  • How can I contact customer service for help?

    You can reach out to if you have any questions!

  • How do I book a class?

    To book a class, download the StarCycle app or visit the website. From here you can choose your closest studio, purchase a class, and then book!

  • How do I change my membership?

    Reach out directly to your local studio or email, and they can direct you to your studio specific manager.

  • Can I change my billing date?
    No, unfortunately at this time that is not an option.

    Can I change my billing date?

      No, unfortunately at this time that is not an option.

    Franchising FAQ

    • How do I learn more about Franchising with StarCycle?

      Check out our Own A Studio page for more details. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will send you even MORE good stuff on why Franchising with us is the right move for you.

    • Are you looking to Franchise off the West Coast?

      Yes! Our goals are to open studios across the entire United States. We started in Oregon, and have grown really organically on the West Coast, but we’re currently looking at all regions across the nation. So let’s chat!

    • Who are you looking for?

      We’re looking for smart business owners who can lead and inspire and who are passionate about building a positive community comprised of integrity and inclusiveness. A background in health & wellness, marketing, operations, fitness, sports or franchising is a big plus, but not mandatory.

    • How much does it roughly cost to open a StarCycle Franchise?

      Our studios have opened roughly in the $272,000 – $495,000 range.

    • What sort of location do you need?

      Each of our studios are slightly unique, that’s the beauty of being a boutique experience. We design to your specific location and needs. Each location includes: 1,900–2,200 Sq. Ft average, one spin studio with 25–32 bikes, two bathrooms (showers optional), ~150sqft StarKids Play Lounge (childcare) and a reception area with retail.