Music is at the heart of StarCycle, as instructors lead each class to ride to the beat. This month, Reader’s Digest highlighted five amazing playlists, featuring our very own Erin Moone. Below is an excerpt from the article:

If you’ve ever taken a cycling class, you know how sweaty you can get. But, it’s all worth it because the energy is so high and motivating, thanks especially to a workout music playlist to set the mood. And, the bpm will change based on the RPM count, says Erin Moone, co-founder of StarCycle. But, here’s an estimate: Sprints might go up to 180 bpm, average sets might be around 150 bpm, and it might drop a little to around 130 bpm when you’re in the midst of a climb. It’s pretty similar to the HIIT, bootcamp style class format, in terms of the best workout playlist. And, if you haven’t lost weight in spin classes, when you’ve been upping your classes and dieting, you might be making these spinning mistakes. Best songs: “Booty Had Me Like“ by Round2crew, “Power of Now“ (crystal lake remix) by Steve Aoki, and “Perfect Strangers“ (club remix) by Jonas Blue.

Get this dance-party-on-a-bike rolling- LET’S RIDE!